Welcome to Southern Hemp

Welcome to Southern Hemp

Welcome to Southern HempWelcome to Southern HempWelcome to Southern Hemp

The Exciting Future of Hemp...

At Southern Hemp we install quality comfortable and sustainable hemp walls and also educate farmers in Victoria and Southern NSW about growing hemp. 

Features of Hemp Buildings

Incredible Thermal Insulation

Save up to 80% on your energy costs 

Fire, Termite, Mould and Pest Resistant

Breathable Walls

Regulates the temperature and humidity


Great acoustic performance

Carbon Negative

Flexibility of Design

Healthy Living Environment

Hemp houses can be built to look straight and square or rounded and more organic, it’s up to you. 

Farming Hemp

Hemp Seed crops are sown October November and require:

A Licence from Department of Agriculture

Good well drained sandy loam


Nitrogen rich fertiliser

Conventional Equipment

Access to seed drying


Happy to talk about the opportunity of future development in the hemp industry.

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